The Search for Frida Full Story, Plot Summary and Teasers Telemundo

The Search for Frida Full Story, Plot Summary and Teasers Telemundo
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The Search for Frida Storyline, Plot Summary, and Teasers Telemundo: Telemundo’s most current whodunit activity thrill ride The Search for Frida debuts on January 10 at 22h00. It will supplant Loli’s Luck! that was not as karma the earlier year.

The Search for Frida Storyline

The Search for Frida is a 2021 transformation of Telemundo’s series What happened to Elisa? It investigates the Pons family, a well-off family whose ideal life is broken when their 16-year-old young lady, Frida vanished on the night of her dad’s birthday festivity.

Frida is the most established of the girls of multimillionaire designer Abelardo Pons and Marcela Bribiesca a rich couple who appear to be great and blissful.

After the vanishing of Frida’s sister, the insights concerning every individual from the family as well as their nearby relatives surface.

Feelings of disdain lie, and, surprisingly, old stories are uncovered and show how this “blissful and great” world they live in is the result of dreams.

Throughout looking for Frida’s relatives, clashes begin making tumult inside the nuclear family, and, step by step, everybody becomes suspect.

The cast is comprised of brand novice Victoria White as Frida, Eduardo Santamarina (Lord of the Skies Queen of the South 2) as her dad Abelardo, and Ximena Herrera (Lord of the Skies, Secrets at the Hotel) as her mom Marcela.

The Search for Frida Plot Summary

The series spins around the Pons family and how their lives out of nowhere changed when their girl, Frida, bafflingly vanishes the evening of her dad’s birthday celebration. During the examination falsehoods, feelings of hatred, and insider facts will emerge, transforming everybody into suspects and exposing a family that is not exactly flawless.

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The Search for Frida Cast Telemundo

Eduardo Santamarina as Abelardo Pons

 Eduardo Santamarina as Abelardo Pons
Ximena Herrera as Marcela Bribiesca

Ximena Herrera as Marcela Bribiesca
Arap Bethke as Martín Cabrera

 Arap Bethke as Martín Cabrera

Alejandra Barros as Rafaela Pons
Rubén Zamora Acted As ==>> Salvador Terán
Fabiola Guajardo as Silvia Cantú
Jorge Luis Moreno as Ángel Olvera
Grettell Valdez as Gabriela Pons
Alberto Casanova Acted As ==>> Antonio Carmona
Gloria Peralta Acted As ==>> Fiscal Julieta Zambrano
Karla Carrillo as Sasha Caballero
Germán Bracco as Diego Carmona
Jorge Luis Vázquez Acted As ==>> Enrique Arteaga
Axel Arenas Acted As ==>> Detective Robles
Mayra Sierra Acted As ==>> Amanda
Victoria White Acted As ==>> Frida Pons Bribiesca
Ximena Martínez Acted As ==>> Ingrid Terán
Mikel Mateos Acted As ==>> Tomas Terán
Tamara Guzmán Acted As ==>> Rosita
Ivanna Castro Acted As ==>> Carolina Pons Bribiesca
Valery Sais Acted As ==>> Laura Pons Bribiesca
Roberto Ballesteros as Fabio Pedroza.

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