Skype Bots: How To Use Sky Bot Apps on windows, iOS and Android

How To Use Sky Bot Apps on windows, iOS and Android
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Skype bots are man-made chatbots that are used for chatting with people on Skype. Skype bots were originally programmed by Microsoft as a means of bringing entertainment and products facility into Skype for messaging.

What does a bot do?

Bots are programs that carry out automated, mundane tasks which are established in advance. These tasks can include almost any interaction with software that has an API. These tasks can vary from checking market listings,

automated chat flow, and to monitoring competitors price listing.

How To Use Skype Bots On Windows Desktop, iOS And Android

Many Internet users have been searching For queries like How to use skype bots on Windows, How to use Skype bots on iOS, How to use Skype bots on android.

In this post am going to give you a detailed procedure on how to use skype bots, irrespective of the operating system involved.

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How to use Skype bots on Pc

  1. Make sure You update your Skype version to the latest version 7.22.85. Your skype can be updated by checking for updates on your windows help desk.
  2. After installing the updates, A bot directory would be visible to you on the toolbar. Cancel the new button.
  3. Click on the add bot icon, a dropdown where you can select which bots you want to make use of would be visible. Select any bot of your choice.

How to use Skype bot on IOS

  1. Download The latest version of skype from Apple store, then install it on your device.
  2. visit the contact page on your Skype ios app.
  3. Tap the add contact icon, an interface to choose whether to add bots or contacts would be available to you.
  4. Click on the bot icon.
  5. select your favourite bot.

How to use Skype Bots on Android?

Using a skype bot on Android is similar to that of Ios. They have the same setup procedure.

  1. download and install the updated version of Skype from Playstore.
  2. Launch the Skype app on your android device.
  3. Visit the contact page.
  4. Click on the floating action button.
  5. Check out for the pink add bot button and click on it.
  6. An interface for selecting any bot of your choice will open.
  7. select sny but you would like to make use of.

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Skype bot apps for android

Here are some skype bots apps for android you can consider using.

Note: These apps have been reviewed by Users and compared with other android skype bot apps. feel free to have fun with any of the below androids skype bot apps.

Best skype bots 2021

  • Bing news preview
  • Horoscope bot
  • Doctor strange
  • Solitaire
  • Four square
  • Getty image
  • Bing image preview
  • Sky scanner
  • Meme bot

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