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Oraimo Watch 2 Pro
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The Oraimo watch 2 pro is what I’d like to consider a massive step up from the previous generation, I’m talking about the ability to make calls from the watch, a new and better app UI, more customization options bigger display, and of course the essential fitness and health management features. let’s just say the arrival of the Oraimo watch 2 pro has quite a lot to offer.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Price & Full Specifications

MODELWatch 2 Pro OSW 32
PRICE ₦25,900
BUILDGlass front, Plastic Body
DISPLAY1.75 inches TFT LCD

The Oraimo watch 2 pro is indeed a massive step up from its predecessor, we have a much better and more functional app that is the Oraimo a health app that has a lot of interactive features to complement the watch.

Before we explore these features that make the rival watch 2 pro a solid upgrade first let’s take a look at what comes in the box outside the watch we have its magnetic charging connector and a user guide, and the ram was 2 pro gets a 1-year warranty.


At a glance, you can tell the design of the Oraimo watch 2 Pro has changed slightly, while we have slide curves on the edge its display is not as curved as the previous watch pro, the display is also bigger at 1.75 inches. The watch body is built of plastic and it feels solid, there’s just one button on the watch which functions as the power home and menu buttons. The watch straps are rubber, feel nice, and are easily replaceable if you want to change them.


Powering up the watch for the first time, you’ll need to set it up by first connecting to the Oraimo health app. scanning the QR code will take you to a download page, and you can either get it from the google play store or apple’s app store.  It works on both ios and android.

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Pairing your watch to the app is straightforward, you need to create or sign into your Oraimo account after which you connect to the watch and then grant it the necessary permissions. Once you successfully paired with the app you’ll find a lot of settings and customization options for your watch. To get notifications on your watch, you need to set it up to allow your watch to synchronize with your phone. you can disable the apps you don’t want sending notifications.

The Oraimo watch 2 pro synchronizes flawlessly with the app on your phone and you can see all your stats at a glance. It also provides you with more customization options when it comes to Watch faces. you’ll only get about four on the watch but from the app, you can pretty much find endless options or set a customized one to your taste.

Personally, I’ll go for one that has the essential stats at a glance, I could go on about the added functionalities of the Oraimo health app but a summary is that it is a great improvement over the previous wear app, and it greatly complements the watch features. The Oraimo watch 2 pro is a lightweight smartwatch that doesn’t at all feel uncomfortable to wear even when you use it for long workout sessions, I could actually wear this all day and have no discomfort. It also has an ip68 rating for water and dust resistance.


The display on the Oraimo watch 2 pro is a 1.75 inches TFT LCD, it has a large screen area for easy operation but the bezels are not uniform, particularly on the bottom chain which is visibly larger than the others. with the right watch face though you’ll hardly notice the bezels.

The display gets five levels of brightness and I actually find it bright enough for use even outdoors. The watch 2 pro has a race-to-wake feature, and you can set the sensitivity from the watch settings. I find the Oraimo watch 2 pro accurate when using it to monitor heart rate or blood oxygen. It actually does active heart rate monitoring so you don’t really always need to do it yourself, as you go about your daily activities it tracks your heart rate it also measures your stress levels on the watch it is stated as pressure.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Full Functionalities

Swiping left on the watch shows you the essential widgets to track and monitor your activities including sleep tracking to know if you are getting enough sleep. sliding right from the home gives you access to the music widget as an improvement from the previous Oraimo watch this music widget shows you the name of the track currently playing, and you can pause, play or skip songs without operating your phone.

Below the music widget is also some quick access features that you can customize from the app, a swipe down from the home shows you the quick panel which has toggles for phone dialing, brightness, race to wake function, DND, and other quick settings you might need.

A swipe up from the watch home shows you all your notifications and they are well organized. To access the watch menu you can use the button on the side this gives you access to all of the watch features. As a fitness-oriented smartwatch, the Oraimo watch 2 pro offers over 100 support modes for various exercises you might want to track to stay active and meet your daily fitness goals.

You can also set it to alert you when you’ve sat down for too long, when notifications come in there’s a vibration and you can set the vibration intensity from the settings.

Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Features

The Oraimo watch 2 pro has a couple of handy features my favorite one being Bluetooth calling, you can dial phone numbers directly from your watch, and make and receive calls with the watch without actually touching your phone as long as you’ve enabled the Bluetooth calling function. just make sure it’s set on the watch and also from the app.

Another feature I find handy is the remote camera function, you can actually use your watch as a shutter for your camera. All you have to do is go to the photograph option from the watch menu and make sure your phone’s camera app is open, to take your photo just shake your wrists and it will do just that, this is handy if you need to stretch your hands all the way for a selfie.

The Oraimo watch 2 pro has a quick reply function that you can customize to your preference and use as an instant reply to text messages from your watch.


The Oraimo watch 2 pro gets a 300 mAh battery and it can last up to 4-5 days before needing to recharge. The magnetic connector that comes in the box easily snaps to the watch for easy charging.

From all we’ve seen so far, you’ll agree the Oraim watch 2 pro is feature packed and a very good upgrade from the previous model. My favorite features have to be the Bluetooth calling and I also love the new app UI. I like that the watch UI is now more refined and the test is consistent across the UI, unlike the previous model. One thing I noticed with your Oraimo watch 2 pro is that while you can reduce the vibration intensity you can’t disable it completely unless you enable DND which will then not show you notifications.


There is a silent toggle on the pull-down menu but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, it is probably just my unit. Also while operating the watch notifications come in and interrupt your flow as it takes up the whole screen this can be distracting if you get frequent notifications while you’re operating the watch, but I guess dnd is there to keep this away when you need so.

You can also watch the Oraimo Watch 2 Pro Unboxing Here

Oraimo watch 2 pro is highly recommendable even as an upgrade from the previous watch pro. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the Oraimo watch 2 Pro, also don’t forget to share this post if it was helpful.

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