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iPhone 14 Pro
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The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have 3 main new things in the internals, so there are not many added features or new pieces in this new phone but there’s technically more in this one than the baseline iPhone 14 because this one actually gets a silicon upgrade to the new A16 bionic and 6Gb of RAM, top of the line, new 4-nanometer system on a chip from Apple.

What’s New in The iPhone 14 Pro

You could tell though when they gave the presentation in the keynote, that it must be a pretty minor bump from the A15 Bionic because they went straight to comparing it to the A13 Bionic from a couple of years ago. In real life, though so far it’s benchmarked very similarly to an A15 Bionic, just slightly above as expected.

New Internal Features

For me, they have rock-solid performance, fluid animations, and a pretty reliable all-day battery life from both the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

1. New Crash detection Sensors

Also, technically new to the internals is a new set of sensors, it’s an improved gyroscope and a better accelerometer to be able to tell if you’ve been in a car crash or not. Crash detection. Cool feature. So it’ll detect if you’ve been in a car crash or not and then if you don’t respond to the prompts on the screen, it’ll automatically call emergency services.

2. E-sim

One more thing that used to be in the iPhone that’s not anymore in this one is a physical SIM card tray this is actually for the US only, and these phones are now E-sim only. E-sim isn’t exactly a new thing, but not having a physical SIM tray anymore does have its pros and cons, pros mainly being okay it’s one less place for water to get in one less moving part but cons being that for international travel if you just wanted to grab a SIM card real quick instead of going through the carriers, that won’t be easy any longer. I’m going to keep an eye on this because I imagine Apple intends to eventually expand this to all iPhones instead of what it’s now which is just starting in the US only.

3. Satellite Connectivity

The last internal change for the iPhone 14s is satellite connectivity, this is an edge case extra feature that you’re honestly hoping you never ever have to use, but in the off chance that you’re stranded somewhere with absolutely no cellular service at all you’re nowhere near a cell tower, the iPhone’s antenna now impressively can also communicate with straight up satellites instead of cell towers.

It will definitely take longer and you’ll need a clear view of the sky the UI will literally help you point your phone at a certain satellite overhead, but it will let you send messages to a dispatcher or local emergency services to help get to your location and what you need help.

New External Features

I didn’t talk much about the externals like I usually do in phone reviews because if we’re being honest they’re pretty much the same. There are some new colors, the space black which is my favorite in years and there’s also a new purple color from certain angles you can hardly even tell it’s purple.


iPhone 14 Pro

Only the camera bumps changed, they are definitely slightly larger and thicker than the 13 Pros, but the bottom line is when an iPhone 13 Pro can fit in an iPhone 14 Pro’s case and you know it’s pretty close in return.  iPhone cameras since they first came out they’ve been confidently repeating the 12-megapixel sensors since the iPhone 6s but this year we got a leap, the primary camera on the iPhone 14 pro is now a new 48-megapixel sensor.

it’s 65% larger than the one we had on the 12 Pro. it has a second generation Focus Shift Optical image stabilization, 100% Focus pixels, and sits behind a new f1.78 lens. I think we can all agree that’s a great set of specs that we expect great imagery from. The larger sensor also gives you a really nice shallow natural depth of field without portrait mode more than we’ve ever seen from an iPhone camera, now other phones I’ve seen do this just as well but it presents a new set of challenges like fringing and autofocus. But I’ve been very impressed with how well the iPhone deals with both. not a whole ton of fringing on close-up subjects and 100% coverage with Focus pixels has been pretty locked in on tracking subjects and keeping things in focus even with the shallow depth of the field.


iPhone 14 Pro display

These new phones iPhone 14 pro and 14 PRO Max have some slightly updated 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches OLED displays respectively. So there are still excellent displays on paper with slightly thinner bezels that you won’t notice and slightly higher resolution that you also won’t notice, and an even higher brighter 2,000 nits Peak brightness that you absolutely won’t notice when looking at the phone on a bright sunny day.

It looks great at 100% out in the sun, but the two things you’ll notice the most often here are the dynamic Island and the always-on display. The always-on display is the perfect example of the classic apple late mover strategy like this is not a new feature, it has been on hundreds of phones before for many years but now it’s finally coming to an iPhone, and so it’s being done the apple way.

This is how the always-on-display works, when you hit the power button you sleep the phone you put it down the brightness drops, the LTPO OLED display goes all the way down to 1 Hertz and you get to see the clock and notifications roll in as if your lock screen is still on, just at a lower brightness.  This is a pretty bright always-on display though,  but I was constantly looking over at my phone on my desk thinking it was still on, which is like a lower brightness.

It looks like that all the time, the transition from the home screen to the always-on display is really nice it’s got this smooth fade animation, and I think that’s the Apple Way.  like the clock, if it’s behind something will graduate to the front of the always-on-display and it maintains all the colors and skin tones and whatever wallpaper you were using.


So it’s not faded or black and white you still have all your color if you’ve got music playing then your album art is front and center it is extra beautiful but I don’t really care about any of that, to be honest.  There is also no extra customization I’ve seen some really creative always-on displays over the years that let me customize and dial in even different from the lock screen and I really love using them.  Apple just made a toggle in the display settings on or off, personally, I’m gonna be turning it off because it also seems to be affecting battery life slightly more than I expected.

The always-on display specifically doesn’t show up in the battery settings, so I’m kind of just estimating here based on my behavior, everything else looks normal but I am getting slightly worse battery life than I’ve expected, and than I’ve had on the iPhone 13 Pro for the past year.

The always-on-display knows when to turn off, if it’s in a pocket it turns off, if you’re in sleep mode it turns off even when you have an Apple Watch on and you walk far enough away from the phone that it knows you can’t see it anymore it turns off the always-on display.

The Dynamic Island

Do you know what is new on the screen that I absolutely love and will never pass on? the dynamic Island. what a terrible name 😂. It is such a minor feature in the grand scheme of using a phone, but it’s a good one.  Remember the rumors of the new Pro iPhone replacing the notch with an I-shaped cutout at the top of the display with all those renders people made? well, that’s actually what this is, it has one circular cut-out on the right for a new selfie camera, and one pill-shaped cutout on the left for the new face ID Hardware which they’ve shrunk down by about 30% to fill in this smaller area. instead of just doing that, Apple has cleverly decided to fill in the gap between them with black pixels and make it one big pill so then the idea is Apple would much rather think about the pill as software than Hardware. so they built a whole bunch of software features around it.

The best part is that everything works pretty well out of the box as you’d expect. so here’s everything that the dynamic Island does right out of the box. so it does system alerts like for incoming calls, connecting air pods plugging into a charger, switching the ringer to silent mode or volume on, face ID unlocking,  and a whole bunch more.

iPhone 14 Pro Price

The New iPhone 14 Pro is still $1000, and the 14 Pro Max is still $1,100 to start. So they are the absolute best phones Apple makes right now, and there are going to be a lot of people considering an upgrade so is it worth it?  In the landscape of other phones, you could get for $1000, this one’s gonna be competitive. It’s going to have the best camera,  it’s going to have one of the best, brightest, most responsive displays of any of those phones.

it’s also going to have a dynamic Island with a classic Suite of iPhone stuff like iMessage, FaceTime, and Classics. But there definitely isn’t any flashy or Crazy Design or Hardware Innovation Happening on iPhone 14 Pro.

In conclusion, there is nothing folding in half there, there is no super fast charging or some massive battery size Improvement, but this is a very refined update, the truth is if you have an iPhone 11 or later version at this point then the new iOS 16 update pushing out to your phone right now is gonna make just as big of a difference to the user experience of using your phone as getting the new phone probably would. This is a really good phone you should get it if you either want the latest and greatest and best smartphone camera available right now.

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