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In today’s world sending SMS is one of the daily needs of an individual. As messages are the cheapest ways of communication and you don’t have to hang out long with them, just type your queries and send them. Whenever you are in hurry or are at a place where you can’t receive a phone call and have to reply to someone urgently then SMS works as the best medium to communicate with the required person in less time and without much stress.

If you are an Android user then you will find sending messages the best option of communication. Here at, we have decided to share with you How you can Send and receive free SMS online.

How To Send Free SMS Online

Android world is growing day by day, as a result, there are many applications that lessen many of your efforts and there is less amount of burden on your pocket. Talking about sending free SMS, there are many apps that can be used for sending free SMS. Below we are discussing some of the best apps for sending free SMS. You should know the logic behind sending free SMS; the SMS is only free if you are having an internet connection on your Android device. Make sure you follow the instructions below to send text messages online.

1. Google Voice

google voice

google voice

This app Allows users to send free SMS and even make international calls at cheaper rates. Place calls and sends text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts. These features are Currently available only in the US.


2. Free SMS Sender

free SMS sender

free SMS sender

This app allows users to send free SMS, with a good user interface. The application sends free SMS messages via web gateways/pages to numbers across the globe. Provided you have an internet connection, You don’t need to worry about any other thing. It is an easy, fast, and cheaper way of reaching out to people across the globe.

3. Multi SMS Sender (MSS)

Multi SMS Sender (MSS)

Multi SMS Sender (MSS) application is used to send one message to multiple users at the same time. In which send a message to unlimited users by their message plan. This app stores the history of the sent messages with their status (if it’s sent or failed). It has a cool UI with full SMS/MMS support.

4. Chomp SMS

chomp sms

chomp sms

Chomp has a ton of great features, including a passcode lock, privacy settings, a scheduled SMS sender (for birthday wishes and reminders), the ability to stop a text while it is being sent, the ability to pin favorite texts to the top, backup, blocklisting/SMS blocker, and signatures. You can try Chomp SMS today by downloading it from the playstore. This app has almost all the features you could possibly want in an SMS/MMS app, plus more. I can only say that you should download the app to your phone. Although there are ads in the free version, they are hardly noticeable. However, I would personally choose the paid version. Chomp SMS is a great choice.

5. Simple SMS Messenger

Simple SMS Messenger

Simple SMS Messenger

Simple SMS Messenger is an excellent way to communicate with your family members  by sending SMS and MMS messages. Additionally, the app correctly manages group messaging. Use the messaging app on your phone to stay in touch with all of your contacts. Sending emojis, sending photos, or even just saying hello quickly is now simpler than ever. You can do so much with your messages, such as mute conversations or designate unique message tones for particular contacts. You can enjoy your daily private messaging and group messaging in a more enjoyable way with this text message and group messaging app. The app has more than 1 million downloads on playstore.

6.Textra SMS


This is an alternative to your default SMS/MMS app  (that came preinstalled on your phone). My phone’s internal messaging app stopped working properly after a system upgrade, so I started using Textra. I simply couldn’t return to it after the phone system was fixed. Textra has a ton of extra features that are all coded in living color! Textra hasn’t had a problem since that time two years ago. simply keeps improving as new updates add capabilities.

7. mysms

Mysms sends and receive texts really good once it syncronizez with your device. It has a good UI and so many Customizable features. the dvelopers did a fantastics job, considering how Friendly the user interface looks. You can send and receive free sms with your family and friends with this great app.


There are much more apps in Google Play Store that allows to Send Free SMS Online , you can even try them, let us know if are using a better app than the one mentioned here, and we’ll update the same. Until then, stay connected to know all other tips and updates for your Android device. You can also check our tutorial on how to back up Android SMS and MMS.

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