How To Screenshot on iPhone 7

How To Screenshot on iPhone 7
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Hello, welcome to futoextra.com, In this post, I’m going to show you how to screenshot on iPhone 7. There are really two different methods to do a screenshot on iPhone 7, we are going to share them in detail with you.

All the phones previous to iPhone X all have a home button which is used in combination with other keys for screenshots.

1. How To Screenshot on iPhone 7 Using the power and Home Button

Press the home button and the power button at the same, you would hear a camera snapping noise. The camera snapping noise validates that you have just taken a screenshot on your iPhone 7.

 2. Screenshot on iPhone 7 using The floating Button on the screen

You can also screenshot on iPhone 7 without the physical home button, this method is a little different and you need to set it up before using it.

  • Tap to settings.
  • Go to General.
  • Tap on accessibility.
  • Scroll down to assistant touch.
  • Turn on assistive touch by toggling the assistive touch button. A floating grey button will appear on your screen just like the photo below.

Iphone 7 floating home button

  • Tap on customize top-level menu.
  • Click on the start custom icon. This menu  gives us a list of some certain things that we can choose.

Customize iphone 7

  • Click on Scenshot.
  • open anything You want to screenshot.
  • Click on the floating Grey icon.

screenshot on Iphone 7

  • Tap on the screenshot label once, and your shot would be taken.

The screenshot would be saved directly to your phones memory. To see what you have screenshoted, open your photo Gallery and go to screenshots.


You can also watch this video for more clasrification.

Note: The essence of this second method is to help you screenshot when either your home button or your power button is not working. I prefer the first method because it’s super fast and hassle free. The second method has a long set-up procedure, but after the setting up, you can equally enjoy it just like the first method.

Thats all about how to screenshot on iPhone 7, Make sure you share this content  on social media if it was helpful to you.

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