How to Activate & Transfer eSIM

eSIM: How to Activate & Transfer eSIM
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Welcome to the Future where you don’t need a physical SIM card anymore to make and receive calls all you need now is an e-sim. e-sim has been out for a while now but you might just be hearing about it because of the iPhone 14. All iPhone 14 sold in the United States won’t have a physical SIM card tray anymore, so you’re forced to use an E-sim if you want to make and receive cellular calls.

To get an e-sim, you first need to check if your smartphone supports eSIM. Samsung Galaxy smartphones from the s20 all the way to the S22 have eSIM support, iPhones from the XL to the latest iPhone 14 have e-sim, Google pixel 3 all the way to the pixel 6 have eSIM. If you have noticed, only Flashy smartphones support a Sim but what if you want one and you can’t afford it, well I have good news for you guys.

If your smartphone supports eSIM, how do you migrate from a physical SIM card to eSIM? the process is actually simple. you need to decide which carrier to go for,  at the moment here in Nigeria only MTN and 9mobile offer eSIM at the time of writing this post, Airtel and GLO don’t support it but I’m sure they’re walking around the clock to activate eSIM on their network because they wouldn’t want to lose subscribers.

For MTN and 9mobile subscribers, getting an e- SIM is very simple I’m going to walk you through how you can activate it but if you’re an Airtel or glow user and you want an e-sim you have two options. In option one you can get a new SIM from MTN or 9mobile or in option 2 you can port your existing line to either MTN or 9mobile and then request an eSIM for that line, that way you’re going to retain your existing phone number and have an eSIM.

Now how do you get an e-sim from MTN online mobile what’s the process well you need to go to the service center and tell the customer relationship officer that you want an e-sim, if you already have an MTN line or 9mobile line the customer relationship officer is going to ask you questions to ascertain if you’re the real owner of that line.

After confirmation, you’ll be given a QR code that you will need to scan on your smartphone to activate e-sim.

How to Activate eSIM on iPhone

  • Go to the settings.
  • Select mobile data.
  • Tap on add eSIM.
  • Select use QR code.
  • Scan The QR code from Your network provider and your sim will be activated.

You’re going to notice a signal bar on it and now you can make calls you can receive calls and browse.

How to Activate eSIM on Samsung Smart Phones

You can also Activate eSIM on some Samsung smartphones that support eSIM.

  • Go to the settings
  • Select connection
  • Tap on SIM card manager
  • select add an eSIM Mobile plan under e-sim and
  • Tap on scan QR code and that’s it.


For 9mobile and MTN, getting an eSIM takes less than 15 minutes so the process is seamless.

How Secure is an eSIM?

I know what you’re thinking, what if someone gets hold of your e Sim QR code would that person be able to scan it and take over your line? well, the answer is no.  As long as your eSIM is activated on one smartphone even if someone tries to scan your QR code it won’t be successful.

To migrate your eSIM from one smartphone to another the eSIM has to be deleted on the previous smartphone, then you can scan the  QR code to register your eSIM on a new smartphone. Another question you might want to ask is, what if your smartphone is stolen? now in that case you need to go to your carrier service center and report that your smartphone was stolen, your line will be barred and you’ll be giving another QR code to activate your eSIM on another device.

Speaking of smartphones getting stolen, if you have an iPhone and you have eSIM activated on it, even if the thief turns off the smartphone you will be able to track that smartphone. How cool is that?


You can also watch this video to get more insight on how to Activate & Transfer eSIM on iPhone and Samsung.

Smartphone companies usually follow Apple, when Apple ditched a 3.5 mm audio jack a lot of people bashed them including Samsung, and guess what Samsung did the same thing the next year followed by Xiaomi. so it’s just a matter of time for other smartphone companies to remove the physical SIM card tray and make it extend. so it’s better you get one right now. so here comes the end of this post. I hope you found this helpful, if you enjoyed it make sure you use the comment box and don’t forget to share this content.

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