Top 5 Best Subwoofers Brand For Home

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Subwoofers can be used to achieve Good sound quality for watching movies or listening to your favorite songs in addition to adding that extra boom to your home audio system. Some of them can even be used wirelessly.

Best Subwoofers Brand Available In The Market

In this post, Futoextra is going to showcase five of the best subwoofers to help you find the right fit for your home. The essence of the compilation is to help you make a good buying decision, and for sure, you definitely gonna get the value for your money.

5. Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10

Polk Audio PSW10

If you want to save some money and still get a product that delivers solid quality, Don’t fail to check out the Polk audio PSW0 also known as the best budget subwoofer on the market. For starters, Polk Audio is a leader in audio product distribution, and over the years has grown to become a strong competitor offering great products and top-notch sound quality at an affordable price.

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This subwoofer cabinet is made of MDF with minimal resonance and comes equipped with internal brackets that ensure excellent Clarity. Even in the deepest ranges, it’s also perfect for home theater systems.

The Polk Audio PSW10 can be easily connected to your existing music stereo via inline or speakers, the dynamic low-pass crossover harmonizes the sound of the subwoofer with the other speakers. The device is available in two versions Cherry vinyl and Black Oak vinyl both have a high-quality surface, so they can fit perfectly into the style and colors of a modern home theater or sound system.

The PSW10 subwoofer is equipped with a thick baffle, the traditional wood block is made of titanium, and it has a rigid housing,  thanks to its dampened design which eliminates staining waves and Distortion. A base Port driven tuned to produce maximum bass is one of the most important elements of a subwoofer, it also features clipples laser-based Distortion measurement technology that reduces sound Distortion and delivers deep precise sound. The inputs are easily accessible and connect easily to most audio systems with smart sensors, you’ll get an optimal sound experience.

The PSW10 produces an impressive bass effect, percussion instruments are heard clearly and with the impress of precision, and the base is clear crisp and rich in detail without overpowering the overall sound quality.

The sound quality is also affected by the 50-watt RMS amplifier installed in the Polk audio PSW10 the amplifier provides excellent bass even at low volume, and the impressive 50-watt amplifier is designed for minimal power consumption.

The Polk Audio PSW10 also has a useful smart sensor circuit that allows the subwoofer to be turned on and off automatically, this means you don’t have to worry about manually turning off the subwoofer in the event of a power outage or unexpected shutdown.

4. KEF KC62



The KEF KC62 is one of the best subwoofers you can get out there, the company’s Innovative engineering is present in this small subwoofer embedded in the unicore about the size of a football just 10 inches on the side.

The KC 62 is packed with fine details, once you hear them you’ll be surprised by the massive sound coming from such a small subwoofer. This model has won the EISA award for the best Hi-Fi subwoofer for a reason. The KEF KC62 has two drivers inside, each directing 500 watts of power generated by a specially designed class D-amplifier.  It provides an exceptional level of control and has the ability to deliver high power when needed such as in extreme action scenes.

The subwoofer can easily be placed in any type of room as it has five preset EQ settings for different types of rooms and locations, no matter where it is the same benefits are always guaranteed. A small switch on the subwoofer connection panel lets you choose between a room, wall corner, cabinet, and apartment options. Visually, There are no problems with the fit either, the extruded aluminum body and curved cabinet merge form and Function, exuding Beauty and power.

KEF strives for Precision in all products, whether full-range speakers or subwoofers, that’s why a number of Innovative Technologies have been implemented in the KC 62 to ensure accurate and Sensational bass.

Unicore redefines the physical footprint of high-performance speakers and subwoofers needed to deliver deep accurate bass, Pflex ensures precise driver movement, and smart Distortion control technology minimizes Distortion while maximizing the performance of the music Integrity engine.

PF[lex is a unique controller design inspired by the Japanese paper folding art of origami, it’s a design that makes the driver more resistant to acoustic pressure from the housing, allowing it to move with greater precision compared to traditional designs. The result is a deeper base extension with a precise and detailed reproduction of low frequencies.

3. SVS SB16 Ultra

SVS SB16 Ultra

SVS SB16 Ultra

SVS SB16 Ultra is unarguably one of the best premium subwoofers on the market, the appearance is pleasing to the eyes and modern. This model has a glossy black surface with rounded edges and a square front screen that is extremely visible from 50 feet away and can be dimmed or even turned off if it gets in the way.  Thanks to the closed and stable MDF housing, vibrations are minimal.

The 15.5-inches device is rated at 1500 watts and has a peak power of up to 5000 Watts through the MOSFET circuit, such high performance was necessary because airflow inside closed speakers can reduce performance, so designers had to find a solution to compensate for sound problems caused by low sound pressure.

A Sledge class D-amplifier drives a 50 MHz signal control processor which is worth mentioning because the sb16’s primary goal is not to emit wall-shattering bass but to convey the driver’s sound in a clear understandable and detailed manner. Thanks to four ferret magnets in a cast aluminum basket, an 8-inch diameter pendulum voice coil, and a heat-resistant Nomex receiver,  distortion is extremely low. The remote control is the size of a credit card, the subwoofer also has rubber feet to prevent floor scratches.

now let’s move on to the sound which according to user reviews is quite clean and very natural. The subwoofer with its Rich beautiful balanced sound and ideal bass will provide users with a precise dynamic detailed experience. Also when it comes to listening to music, dynamics and accuracy as well as the details turned out to be absolutely perfect. Thanks to its respectable size and power amplifier and DSP processor.

It can deliver even the deepest sounds without Distortion, make sure you buy this beast of a subwoofer if you can afford it.

2. Sonos Sub

Sonos Sub

Sonos Sub

The Sonos sub took home the runner-up prize for the title of the best wireless subwoofer brand available for home, when it comes to Sonos we’re talking about top-tier sound quality. This is a wireless subwoofer clearly compatible exclusively with the Sonos ecosystem, capable of profoundly improving the audio experience in the home and guaranteeing a more impressive and full sound. Thanks to the presence of an acoustic slot and two class D amplifiers with dual Force cancellation drivers, the Sono sub can go down to 25Hz and its highest crossover frequency is 110Hz. A bit of curiosity about the positioning? The Sonos sub can not only be used vertically but it’s also possible to place it horizontally on the ground providing that the felt feeder is applied, which among other things is present in the package.

Everything in this subwoofer can be controlled via a nap that you can connect to via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable with the Sonos S2 new app that the company introduced. however, the setup process is highly intuitive and structured in such a way that it can be completed even by those completely ignorant of the Dynamics of technology.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing, which is sound.

The Sonos sub sounds great and offers plenty of basses, the Sonos sub works with any Sonos speaker or powered component. So it’s a great addition to your home theater setup making the already great play bar play bass and beam even better.

It also adds deeper bass to any Sonos speaker on its own too, this sub works by increasing the volume accordingly, and with the Sonos controller app, you can control the EQ levels with the push of a button. The device adds a lot of depth to your music no matter what speakers you use it with,  and it doesn’t vibrate, unlike some subwoofers.

SVS SP-1000

SVS SP-1000

SVS SP-1000

We present to you the long-awaited gold medal and the title of the best overall subwoofer available on the market,  this model is ideal for smaller spaces or for users who don’t like having a large subwoofer in the middle of the room. The SVS sp-1000 Pro arrives to replace the SVS sp-1000 adding important improvements while offering excellent value for  Your money.


Among the improvements, a slight increase in power and the installation of a control system via a mobile application stand out. It’s a sealed subwoofer that’s for sure, but it can go down to 20Hz, and that offers surprising performance. The case is solid and robust with very good build quality.

The device is available in three finishes: black ash, black lacquer, and white lacquer, on the front we only have a large 12-inch speaker at the rear however we find important new features such as the SVS sp1000 Pro includes the intelligent control interface that SVS has already used in its top models.

It’s a new control panel that’s controlled by an 11 LED display in a row of buttons, from here we can control the power mode, phase, volume, and low pass filter. In terms of connectivity, the SVS sp-1000 pro has RCA inputs and outputs, two pairs of speaker cable inputs, and a 3-volt and 12-volt AC DC trigger input. The app instantly detects the subwoofer and offers tons of features from the app, we can control volume, low pass filter, phase polarity, parametric equalizer, or presets among others.


Installing a subwoofer can help lighten the load on speakers by letting you play them flat, and using the subwoofer to pick up on all of those really low frequencies. There are so many subwoofers out there that can really give you a deep bass sound, but we have selected these ones based on thorough research and proper testing. If you found this post helpful, make sure you use the comment box below, and don’t forget to share this post.

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