6 Best File Manager Apps for Android phones

Best File Manager Apps for Android phones
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You probably came across this post because you are looking for Best File Manager Apps for Android phones, in this post I’m going to share with you a comprehensive list of the best Android file manager apps to use.

As smartphone users, we permanently save one file or the other on our devices. How do we get to, organize, move, or rename those files and folders? Of course, we need to use a file manager app.

There is no doubt that some New Android smartphones don’t have an inbuilt file manager, and even those that do, the file managers don’t have the features that we may find interesting or important.

This time, file managers are among the most popular applications on Android devices. We get to use them to keep important files and folders safe and to get them when we need them for whatever reason. You can zip, password-protect, and unlock files with a file explorer app (though not all of them).

Best File Manager Apps For Android Phone


Here are some of the Best File Manager Apps for Android phones. we provided this list based on how flexible the apps are, you can decide to choose whichever one you want.

1. Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager

Mi File Manager

An innovative file explorer program called Mi File Manager was created by Xiaomi, a Chinese tech juggernaut. This app has earned a reputation as one of the best Android file manager apps available for use on Android devices despite being primarily created for Xiaomi smartphone users. It offers the same features and uses as other Android smartphones as well.

Your files will be easier to manage and easier to access with Mi File Manager. You can Rename, Unzip and delete files using the app. Even more, there is a share option feature that enables users to easily share files. This file explorer can recognize file formats and classify them differently.

2. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

If you’re one of those people who enjoys downloading large files that require extraction or unzipping before you can access the main file, ES File Explorer can assist you. You can also use passwords to protect files and folders from unauthorized access. For easy navigation, ES File Explorer has a beautiful and material-designed blue and white user interface.

ES File Explorer is unarguably one of the best file manager applications for an Android smartphone. You can easily save files, documents, and folders with this file explorer installed on your Android device. You can also move important files wherever you want to secure them. ES File Explorer has incredible functionalities that you might not find in most file manager apps.

3. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

On Android devices, the X-plore File Manager is an important tool for file exploration. . This means that you can use this app on your device to see anything hidden. You can also Extract compressed or zipped files using this app, it has so many sophisticated features which have made it outstanding.

X-plore File Manager has a good user interface, which makes it easier for users to carry out fundamental file sharing, renaming, and compressing with ease.

4. Files By Google

Files By Google

Files By Google

Files by Google is a very fantastic file explorer app for Android, and since it was created by Google, we can always count on its features to be fantastic as well. Although I prefer ES File Explorer, Files by Google has the same features as those we mentioned earlier in this article. It has the ability to share files offline, back up files to a cloud server, and can also free up space on your Android device.

Files By Google is free and does not have a premium, but it does have features that you will not see in ES File Explorer, which is why it is highly recommended as a close alternative to it. It serves as a good substitute for ES File Explorer.

5. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer

The only file explorer that can actually open and recognize .mcpack and .mcworld files You can use it to view ZIP archives’ contents, it Enables a wide range of file and archive formats. Text files and archives can be made. You can even view system files for root users. Additionally, you have a lot of control over how the files are displayed and the theme can be changed.

In addition to allowing you to view and create encrypted files in the AES-256 and AES-128 formats, FX also caters to music lovers by enabling you to search for audio content using the standard audio tags like artist, album, and playlist (you can listen to music, watch videos and view photos directly through the app too).

Best of all, FX File Explorer is completely free and has no ads, which immediately makes it much more user-friendly. The majority of the useful content is already available for free. You can expand the app with paid features like FX Connect to transfer files directly between phones and ‘Web Access’ to manage your files from a PC browser, which are nice bonuses.

6. MiXplorer



This is one of the best file managers for Android, hands down.  Tons of Features are built right in such as Archive management (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc.) which is quite challenging to find for some reason. The interface is very friendly and makes using it fun and easy. Even if you don’t need the more advanced options, it’s still a great choice because of how easy simple functions like copy/move/paste are with tabs.

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If you are actually Looking for a way to easily organize, access, and secure your files and documents, then consider using any of the above Best File Manager Apps for Android phones. you can actually download them on playstore provided you have enough memory space for installation.

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