Apple Watch Series 8: New Features & Functionalities

Apple Watch Series 8 New Features
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Welcome to, in this post I’m going to share with you the top new features of the Apple Watch Series 8. Every year apple updates their watches and this year they’ve updated it a little bit, although we have the apple watch series 8 this year they also introduced a new apple watch ultra which I think most of us are waiting for now.

7 New Features Of Apple Watch Series 8

While a lot of attention has been placed on apple’s big new apple watch ultra, the apple watch that most people should probably still buy is the new apple watch series 8. We have decided to bring you the whole features packed in the Apple Watch Series 8, you are definitely gonna be stunned at the new features it has.

1. Nike Faces

The First new feature is you have access to all of the Nike watch faces, now technically the Nike faces come to all recent versions of the Apple watch thanks to Watch OS 9.

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what’s unique here is there’s no dedicated Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 8 meaning when you pick up your Apple Watch Series 8 you can choose any model including the stainless steel and get access to Nike’s faces and the Nike watch bands at the time of purchase.

2. Crash detection

The second top new feature is Crash detection. This is also a feature on the most recent versions of the iPhone, it uses a sensor to detect if you have been in an accident. This is automatically enabled when you’re driving your car or when you’re in a car, and it will use all the sensors to determine if a crash takes place. They use the all-new gyroscopes and accelerometer to be able to detect a change of direction or a Sudden Impact. It will also use the barometer to detect a change in pressure that can occur when the airbags are deployed.

Finally, it will use the microphone to listen for the sounds of a car crash and if you are in an accident it will pop up on the screen asking if you’re okay if not it can automatically call emergency services and send your location number.

3. S8 Chip

S8 is the chip that is at the heart of the Apple watch, it runs a variety of things including battery life, display, the wireless processing, all this stuff is baked into this one S8 chip. If you’re looking just at the CPU, the CPU is the same as the Apple Watch Series 7.

So there are no huge speed bumps here, you’re not going to see this run any faster but it still is a super fast smartwatch, you can run it on the screen and open apps. Everything feels really responsive and snappy as you are using it but Apple has other things inside of the S8 other than just the CPU, and we should see some of those benefits and a couple of the other features that I’m going to talk about.

4. Dust Resistance

Apple did not add Dust resistance in previous versions of the Apple watch, it’s always been resistant to 50 meters for the last several generations for water but for dust, Apple has not really touted it all that much.  With this new version of the Apple watch even though it has the same design as prior Generations Apple’s touting that it is now fully dust resistant so you shouldn’t have to worry about dust or sand making their way into your Apple watch.

5. Bluetooth

Apple has not moved from Bluetooth 5 on any of its devices in years, and we have had new versions of Bluetooth released. So it’s really great to see apple actually updating the Bluetooth spec.

Bluetooth 5.3 adds a few different things but one of them that’s notable is LE audio (low energy audio). If Apple would use low-energy audio on its devices you could see improved audio, better battery life, and multi-stream audio.

6. Temperature sensor

Apple has a new temperature sensor or a pair of temperature sensors in the Apple Watch Series 8. This can be used for a variety of things but mainly, Apple measures your body temperature overnight and will show you trend lines on how your body temperature is changing.

It’s useful for pretty much everybody to help monitor your sleep but it can also be impactful for women who are using the cycle tracking app using the temperature sensor it’s able to retroactively let you know when you may have been ovulating.

7. New colors

Apple makes the Apple Watch Series 8 available in Midnight, Starlight, silver, and product red. That’s a big change because Apple has ditched the Green version of the Apple Watch, the Blue version of the Apple Watch, and all the titanium versions of the Apple watch. But it brought back silver which was one of the most requested things from the Apple Watch Series 7.


You can also Watch This Video Below to get more insights On the Apple Watch Series 8 New features.

Those are the top new features of the Apple Watch Series 8. what do you guys think about the features? You can use the comment box below to interact with us.

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