8 Best Websites to Stream and Watch Live TV

8 Best Websites to Stream and Watch Live TV
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Are you searching for some good websites where you can watch free live TV put on your mobile phone and PC. In this post, I’m going to share with you 8 best sites to stream and watch live TV both free and paid.

Most illegal streaming websites without authorization are annually removed from the internet by FACTS of different countries. Some countries like the United States and other developed countries in Europe like the UK have strict laws against the streaming of live TV shows from illegal websites.

You could end up in jail in those countries if you attempt to do so. But there are also many online websites that will allow you to watch their live TV for free without any legal issue.

most of the online streaming sites on the internet today are very tricky in nature and they just work so hard to transfer malware into the gadgets of their users. while surfing the web for this website you should be very careful to protect your devices with the different antivirus available.

The entertainment industry loses so much revenue to the free distribution of licensed content on the internet. The TV shows are made available to non-subscribed users thereby cutting down the revenue the entertainment industry would have generated if everything were paid.

List Of Free Live TV Streaming Sites

we are going to list the 8 best free live TV sites to stream and watch TV shows for free, These sites support streaming from almost all the available web browsers you can think of.

1. 123Tv Now

123TV now is one of the best free live TV streaming sites you can ever find on the Internet, you don’t need to sign up to access anything there are no pop-up ads. All you need to do is to simply select the channel of your choice and hit the play button. It has an embedded player which looks like that of YouTube.

Most of the channels available on the site are all from the UK and US, you can get entertainment update free sports review and other movies. They also provide breaking news and general entertainment to the public. If you are curious about finding free live TV streaming sites 123TV now is the first you should consider. The 123 TV now the website is user-friendly without pop-up ads like I said earlier and has no redirection to third-party sites.

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2. UStream

Ustream is another free live TV streaming website you should consider it has over 200+ paid channels from sports movies, animations and other notable categories of entertainment.

Ustream offers high-quality channels, the only issue you are going to face on the site is pop-up ads which might redirect you to third-party sites. To stop the redirection on your device you can have an ad blocker installed, by so doing you will work up there with direction and do your normal streaming without any pop-up disturbance.

I’m going to list a few of the channels you can have on your stream below.

List of channels on Ustream

  • ESPN
  • TSN
  • NBA
  • MUTV
  • EURO SPORTS etc.


3. Ok Live Tv

Ok Live Tv  streaming site has the same features with that of Ustream, you don’t need to subscribe or sign up before you can be able to have access to the large online streaming TV shows. It has a simple video player with low time buffer.

Ok live TV is not a 100% legit streaming site, it offers some entertainment live TV channels for free which makes it illegal.

It has all the channels in the following categories below.

  • Documentaries
  • Religion
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • General entertainment etc.


TV player gives you access to more than 80 live TV channels on the internet, although it has some premium plans where you can pay about $9 per month. Currently, TV player is only available in the UK but the crew is making effort to expand their horizon to U.S and Canada and other developed countries. TV player is well sophisticated to the extent that it has a live recording feature,  making it one of the best streaming TV sites.

5. Stream2Watch

Stream2watch is one of the best free live streaming websites available on the internet today. The only problem with stream2watch is that it is Geo-restricted in some parts of the world. Stream2watch free live streaming website is available in the UK, US, Canada, Italy and some other European countries.

Outside the countries mentioned above, you need a VPN to access stream2watch website because of the geo-restrictions placed on the regions. It hosts a number of links, you may encounter a lot of pop-up ads and with directions on the website due to advertisement placed by third party websites and individual businesses. The joy you are going to get after streaming is better than the aggressiveness of the pop-up switch are going to disturb you.


6. Sling TV

sling TV is a pretty cool live TV streaming website available on the internet, it has a number of very easily customisable channels. It has a very low price of subscription as you can get this sling’s orange plan for as low as $15 per month. It has a good number of channels which broadcast sports, news and entertainment. It also has another plan called the blue plan which is $15 per month and contains 45 channels. You can also merge the orange and blue plan with $25 per month. The orange plan has a total number of 31 channels.

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If you are curious about watching exclusive live TV from the US channels, USTVGO should be your plug. USTVGO has one of the best UI with no pop-up ads and redirections, it has more than 80 paid live channels. You can get exclusive entertainment and cartoon networks coupled with sports and Discovery.

8. TVCatchup

TVCatchup gives its users access to watch UK channels and satellite cables, BBC, ITV,  are few of the channels which they retransmit for their users. It is totally free, with moderate pre-roll ads placement and no pop-up redirection. There are many other free live streaming TV sites which are too numerous to mention. we just listed those who offer the best services to you so that you can make your choice. you can also make a quick Google search to see if you can see all the TV streaming website, in case you don’t like the ones provided in this article.

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