10 Best Websites To Watch & Download Korean Dramas Online

Best Websites To Watch & Download Korean Dramas Online
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When it comes to twist and engaging movies, Korean dramas stand ahead of others in terms of being interesting and mind-blowing. But many people find it very difficult to download these Korean dramas and movies because of not knowing the type of website that offers them. There are many websites with fake downloads on the internet which have made it impossible for many internet users to download these movies when they search for them on Google.

most of the fake website rank on Google first page and makes it quite impossible for the real download sites to get visitors.

Websites to watch Korean drama

In this post, I’m going to share with you 10 websites where you can watch and download Korean dramas and movies.

These websites have the best user experience fast download and proper navigation menu which makes it possible for the visitors to locate any drama or movie of their choice without having to scroll everywhere on the website.

The download of Korean dramas and movies on this website is very easy because of the nature of the design of the websites.

They also offer good quality videos which can be downloaded on a variety of devices in different video formats.

10 Best sites to Download Korean Dramas and movies for free


1. NewAsianTv

Newasiantv offers its users a free download of Korean and Chinese drama in a high-definition video format. It has one of the best user experiences on the internet and also a good database which consists of a large collection of Korean dramas and movies. They have been around for a while and is also among the most visited Korean drama website on the internet.

The website has a user-friendly navigation menu which makes it possible for new visitors to download the type of Korean movie or a particular Korean movie that they want without having to waste too much time on the website.

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2. MyasianTv

Myasiantv is just a similar website to Newasiantv. They also offer their visitors free Korean dramas and movies in a high-definition format that can be easily downloaded on any device. Myasiantv is one of the oldest Korean movie download websites on the internet with millions of visitors around the world. They offer exclusive and interesting content to their visitors which will always keep them coming back. downloading a Korean movie from myAsianTV is as easy as anything you can think of. The only issue you might encounter is the Pop-Up ads present on the website.

3. Dramafire

Dramafire as the name implies has so many blazing Korean movies and dramas in their database which they provide to their visitors free of charge. Just like any other Korean movie download website, Dramafire has a well-designed menu which makes it possible for the users to get any drama of their choice without wasting much time on the website. you can download as many dramas as you want on dramafire, you can also stream them online. You don’t need to sign up for any form to use dramafire, all you just need to do is to be connected to the internet through your mobile data.

4. kissAsian

KissAsian website is one of the most popular Korean movie download websites on the internet. It has been around for a very long time alongside some other Korean drama websites. many internet users who are fans of Korean movies prefer visiting kissasian because the website is very fast and loads easily. According to Alexa site speed data, kissasian website is faster than 95% of the websites on the internet. This quality has made it one of the most visited Korean drama websites on the internet with hundreds of millions of users across the globe.

5. ViewasianTv

Viewasiantv provides for its uses free Korean dramas and movies with their subtitles. these movies are being provided in a high-definition format which is compatible with most devices available in the market.

One of the significant things about Viewasiantv is that all its contents are up-to-date. most of the subtitles on the website are in different languages which can make it possible for non-Korean people to understand the movie with ease.

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6. MydramaList

Mydramalist is a Korean movie download website that offers its users up-to-date Asian dramas and movies with a platform to discuss and interact about dramas and movies. you can stream the up-to-date episode of your favourite drummers and also read their reviews on the website.

7. is just like any other Korean movie download website but in a more streamlined format. They offer their users free Korean movies and TV shows with subtitles available in English and other languages. One of the major characteristics of is their ability to update the latest Korean dramas on time. They have a limited number of contents compared to other Asian movie download websites.

8. Dramanice

Dramanice is a movie website that is made for drama lovers. They have so many interesting Asian movies and TV shows on their database. The website is prominent for its Korean movies which are filled with twists and suspense. The only difficulty you are going to encounter on the website is the pop-up ads used for monetizing the website.

9.Viki is not only an Asian movie download website, it also has a whole lot of Nollywood movies and TV shows on its database. one of its major characteristics is the ability to specifically target TV shows and movies for a particular region using your internet protocol address (IP). Any country you are visiting their website from, it is going to display trending TV shows and movies in that particular country.

10. Dramago

Dramago is one of the most popular Asian movie download websites among Korean movie lovers. You can also watch Korean movies on the website without having to download them. The website owners also developed a mobile app that is available on Google play store and Apple store. The mobile apps are even easier to use compared to the website. You can also watch any Korean movie of your choice on the mobile app.



Most of these websites are pirating these movies and TV shows from Asian movie networks without proper copyright authorization. don’t expose your credit card details or any other vital information on these websites.

Disclaimer: does not in any way support the piracy of intellectual properties and materials.

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